The Englishstudio team

Language school management

Hana Ptáčková, M.A. – the school manager, the director of studies who is responsible for teaching and communication with clients.

She graduated from the Philosophical Faculty at Masaryk University, she has had more than ten-year-experience with language teaching and management both in the Czech Republic and study and work stays in Great Britain, Switzerland and Sweden.

Ing. Ludmila Hromková – the school secretary, responsible for the administration and a smooth running of the school.


The E-Studio teachers and employees have been carefully and thoroughly chosen. All our teachers are qualified, young and dynamic who have learnt teaching and methodology of studying process systematically for several years.

Teachers have to undergo entrance interviewing before the cooperation with our language school for the purpose of evaluating prerequisites of each candidate for teaching position, his/her willingness to devote his/her maximal effort to preparation of lessons precisely according to student´s specific needs and willingness to adjust flexibly to all changes which a student may need.

Lessons are regularly monitored via specialists in methodology by means of inspectionsand all aspects are discussed with teachers at meetings and seminars.

All teachers are asked to cooperate with their colleagues through mutual visits to their lessons. This cooperation enhances their methodological knowledge and provides feedback   (peer-feedback).

Our teachers have also been using a wide variety of practical supplementary seminars in methodology provided by Masaryk University, the British Council and other organizations across the whole Czech Republic.   

Tony Mileman. Ph.D., comes from England, has been teaching and practising methodology since 2004. He taught in Torbay Language Centre in Britainbefore his arrival in Brno. He passed a first-rate Cambridge course CELTA – teaching English for foreigners. He obtained a Ph.D. degree in London. He has liked teaching children and adults and has been using a wide variety of techniques and materials. He has been improving his teaching abilities and theoretical methodology in his free time.

František Špaček, M.A., graduated from Masaryk University, fields English and Educational sciences. Passed Teacher training exam in 2003, Cambridge Advanced exam in 2005. He has been teaching since 2003, since 2005 as a full time freelance teacher. He has been to the UK twice, in 2001 and 2006. His lessons are lively and communicative, with an elaborate structure.

Vladimír Bělohlávek, M.A., studied teaching English at Masaryk Universityand has been dealing with teaching since his studies. He has also worked in management of trading companies, therefore can provide his students with a good insight into using English at work, during negotiations, business trips abroad and so on. Vladimír is by his students highly valued mainly for his precise approach and the ability to prepare interesting and communicative lessons tailored to all students´needs.

Claire Osborne comes from New Zealand, where she also passes her TEFL exam and got the qualification to teach her mother tongue abroad. She is a very enthusiastic teacher and focuses on teaching kids. She has studied accounting and specialises in teaching business English.

Claire´s classes are playful and inventive.

Martin Hanrahan comes from Australia and Ireland. Martin has lived in the Czech Republic for over six years and has been teaching successfully in Vsetím, Zlín and Brno. Martin is very creative and students appreciate his patient approach.

Lucie Kubalíková, M.A., studied teaching French and geography at Masaryk University, in addition to French she has been teaching Spanish as well. She has stressed communicative skills and using authentic materials in her teaching. She can provide her students both with experience from French and Spanish speaking countries and thorough information about life and institutions of these countries, of everyday life, cultural and social aspects and traveling.  This is precisely why this background is one of the main motivation elements in Lucie´s teaching and her considerable popularity.

Daniela Čechová, M.A., has been teaching and translating for several years, both of them being her hobbies. She has excelled at teaching conversation and grammar, which she has focused on. She offers practical comparison to her students due to several stays in Germany and Austria. She studied German and Educational sciences at Pardubice and Masaryk Universities. She uses her knowledge from a study stay in Leipzig in her teaching. She can also offer teaching of advanced level and her knowledge of legal English apart from the basis of the language and enhancing to an intermediate level. She has cooperated with the field of advocacy for lots of years. She has been employed as a part-time court interpreter this year.

Lenka Nováková, DiS, passed pedagogical exams, further on continued in her English studies in Great Britain, which were finished with international Cambridge exams. She has been specializing in children and beginner teaching, she is very patient and helpful, mainly by solving specific study difficulties. She has been popular for her systematic and thorough approach to the presentation of grammar phenomena.  

Zuzana Velebová, B.A., is the English Studio German teacher. She passed the bachelor exam from German and special pedagogy at the Faculty of Pedagogy, Masaryk University. She improved her German in Germany during her six-month-stay by Dortmund and during her one-month-stay in Langau at the camp for disabled children. She likes the possibility to hand over her knowledge, to improve her skills and to meet new people. She can adjust her pace to students´ needs and has also had good experience with children and handicapped people.

Jitka Šmerková, M.A., has had a fancy for Spanish since her secondary school, when she decided to study this field at the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University, Brno. She spent one year at Madrid University during her studies, where she could get to know Spain closely. She has tried to pass on her knowledge to those who are interested in this beautiful language and country after her graduation.

She is aimed not only at helping students by acquiring Spanish language but also at getting through the life, institutions and culture of Spanish speaking countries. She has tried to prepare lively and energetic lessons, idiosyncratic of the country and people.

Aneta Horáčková has dedicated almost her entiree life to English.  She passed the bachelor exam from English at the Faculty of Pedagogy, Masaryk University. She keeps studying English language and literature at the Faculty of Pedagogy, Masaryk University. Teaching represents for her a mission to spread her experience and knowledge further. She is fond of the progress of her students and their joy of achieved results. She prefers personal approach to every student and primarily friendly and relaxed atmosphere.     

Marta Cvečková has been teaching English for many years. She gained rich experience in the course of her stay in the USA, where she also did business studies. She enjoys teaching Business English and English for work. She is very dynamic, hard-working and her students reach fast progress.