The English Studio teacher code

1. The teacher always comes to the lesson in time, minimally 5 minutes before the start of the lesson.

2. The teacher is always precisely prepared for the lesson, he/she respects all individual needs of all students at the maximum, he/she prepares enough supplementary materials to thorough practicing of all tricky phenomena.

3. The teacher is always helpful in all study fields which students are interested in and he/she always tries to find the most effective solution which is closest to their vocational orientation at the same time.

4. The teacher always prepares enough homework from various language aspects-reading, writing, idioms, use of language, vocabulary, practical language, working with dictionaries and reference books, looking for information on the Internet and so on in order to practise all student skills, which they need in practical life.

5. The teacher supports communication and team work in lessons, which is the gist of students´ use of a foreign language in practice.

6. The teacher communicates exclusively in the target language in order to teach student reactions in everyday situations and he/she also prepares theoretical topics in this language.

7. The teacher maintains complete confidentiality about all secret information, which he/she comes across, mainly in company teaching. He/she also fully respects all administrative procedures (meticulous recording of time sheet, regular testing of students and noticing their progress, in case of client´s concern he/she delivers reports about student progress etc.), he/she respects client´s requirements.

8. If a student cannot participate in individual or company courses, the teacher always offers replacement in order to keep the number of lessons. Taking place of regular lessons is essential, because it significantly supports fast progress in studying. This is why the teacher tries to perform all lessons which a student arranges and the teacher adjusts flexibly to client´s time possibilities.

9. The teacher in cooperation with the management of the language school follows latest trends in study materials and methodology of teaching and enables students to benefit from these innovations.

10. English Studio teachers are enthusiastic, dynamic and teaching foreign languages is not only a job but also a hobby for them.