Company courses tailored to client´s needs

1. The orientation of the course

Courses can run in this way:

  • general
  • revision
  • preparation for international exams
  • specialized

The specialization can be from various fields of interest and client´s professional needs.

It can be focused on presentations, sale, advertising, English email communication, negotiation, complaints, business correspondence and so on in case of business English. This can be led from the elementary level up to an advanced one.

2. The venue of courses

Courses can be under way both in the client´s premises anytime directly in the company in any part of the town of Brno and in the E-studio language school in the Brno-Bohunice district with a good and fast connection to the town center and with a sufficient parking lot immediately by the school.

3. The intensity of courses

Courses can be prepared exactly according to client´s demands:

  • long-term
  • short-term intensive
  • preparatory to international exams
  • combined with our afternoon and evening school courses
  • at work, our premises and so on

Standard education time proceeds from Monday to Friday, anytime from 6.30 to 21.00. We are ready to work at weekends upon agreement in case of client´s need.

Dates of education in courses can be stated permanently or it is possible to arrange a date of each lesson individually according to student´s needs. Our teachers are highly willing and flexible in this aspect.

4. The organization of courses

Study materials will be chosen in respect to the level of students, we will follow materials used beforehand when possible. Courses will be carried out with the use of the wide variety modern foreign materials, mainly from Oxford, Macmillan, Cambridge and Longman publishing houses.

Qualified teachers are utterly flexible when it comes to schedules and highly reliable.

More advanced students will undergo a placement entrance test (15 minutes) and an interview (approximately 10 minutes) with all participants of the course before the beginning of education due to a better selection of students into groups. We will specify their level of advance, the ability to learn, we analyze other factors which will influence their language preparation and foremost, the ability to achieve the determined goal.

The education is maximally subordinated to wishes and needs of our clients. Students are regularly tested and evaluated throughout the year, if they are interested in, which provides them with a better grasp of their progress and draw their attention to potential problematic fields.    

We are able to compile a study program individually, completely according to client´s needs (both individuals and groups). Except from teaching general English, our lessons also contain the whole range of skills by using English in business (correspondence, phoning, presentations and a business meeting).

Our teaching method is a communicative one, we do not distinguish “grammar” from “conversation”. We teach the natural use of the language with a maximal stress put mainly on the ability to use the language practically in communication.

5. Terms of payment     

We sign a contract which sets rights and duties of both the school and the client with every client.

The payment for education is regressive, monthly one, based on a written invoice and taught lessons. It is possible to arrange different terms of payment in case of client´s needs.          

When it comes to bigger contracts, we will consider the number and kind of ordered courses and we can offer a reasonable price conditions after an agreement with the order party.



When it comes to the duration of this language school, we have successfully taught management and employees in dozens of companies:

T-Mobile Czech Republic, joint-stock company,
Asseco Czech Republic, joint-stock company,
BASF spol., Ltd.,
Kooperativa pojišťovna, joint-stock company,
IDS Scheer ČR, Ltd ,
Tenza, joint-stock company,
Makita, Ltd..,
BEG Bohemia, Ltd.,
Cortina Development,  Ltd.,
Bosch Rexroth, Ltd.,
Ensto Czech,  Ltd.,
Axima,  Ltd.,
Reda, joint-stock company,
Internet Trading, Ltd,
ÚRS Praha, joint-stock company,
Helpteam, joint-stock company,
Phonak AG,
Futurum Brno – Euro Mall Centre Management,
Hydro Building Systems, Ltd,
Europlakat, Ltd.,
Avenir, Ltd.,
Intentia Lawson,
Sew Eurodrive CZ, Ltd,
Simex Control, Ltd.,
Timeseal, Ltd.,
Toner Discount, joint-stock company,
E.S.G., joint-stock company.
Hempel Czech Republic, Ltd.,
OR-Next,  Ltd.,
Wombat, Ltd.,
Ribbon, Ltd.,
Universum, Ltd.,
Demontservis, Ltd.,
ITS, joint-stock company,
A.D.T., Ltd.,
Abena Reality, Ltd.,

and so on